Experienced Engineering Professionals


The M3AE firm was established to act as expediters, consultants, and managers to all ornamental metal and glass projects in the United States. Ornamental metal and glass architectural projects are some of the most complex to work on. Our wealth of experience and knowledge has allowed us to offer services to companies who are seeking a smooth, quality approach to project completion where many problems, troubles, and setbacks may otherwise arise.


M3AE takes great pride in the efficiency and ease of communication between our staff and our clients. We make every effort to maintain the feel of a family run business with our clients and staff. At the same time, we have maintained a level of detail to projects and our work that is normally associated with very large scale construction firms.


We have never forgone integrity or quality in order to expand a profit margin or save a few dollars. Our clients are treated as professionals and, as such, it is our mission to meet the satisfaction of each client with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. We go the extra mile to meet the needs and services of our client where most others would not.


M3AE is borne of the idea that hard work and an extreme passion for excellence will achieve incredible results. We are a firm dedicated to the integrity, quality, and professionalism of ornamental metal and glass industry. The quality and standards of M3AE are reflected by the vast library of successful projects over the years. From the Statue of liberty to the World Trade buildings, M3AE has had a hand in the management, engineering, and fabrication of some of the east coast’s most famous architecture.